Penguin Services Editions Penguin Services Editions SE1 Together 157307625 SE2 Escape to Switzerland 157307620 SE3 Persons and Periods 157307626 SE4 The island of Captain Sparrow 157307624 SE5 Lady Hester Stanhope 157307616 SE6 The managerial revolution 157307621 SE7 Goodbye to Berlin 157307629 SE8 A room of one's own 157307630 SE9 The diary of a nobody 157307614 SE10 Within the tides 157307622 SE10 The mystery of Orcival Two different titles were numbered 10 157307627 SE12 Reading for Profit 157307618 SE13 Cause for alarm 157307617 SE14 Major Barbara 157307615 SE15 Trials in Burma 157307619 SE18 The Odyssey 157307628