Guild Services Editions Guild Services Editions S1 Among others Guild S1 157113211 S2 H. M. Corvette Guild S2 157113212 S4 Elizabeth and Essex Guild S4 157113213 S6 The Mother Guild S6 157113215 S7 Brave New World Guild S7 157113214 S8 I'd do it again Guild S8 Reprint in digest format 157113218 S9 The confidential agent Guild S9 157113216 S10 Wind, Sand and Stars Guild S10 Reprint in digest format 157113217 S11 The cricket match Guild S11 157115668 S12 Wits End Guild S12 Reprint in digest format 157115669 S16 The man who stole the crown jewels Guild S16 157115670 S17 Death in high heels Guild S17 157115671 S21 The end of economic man Guild S21 157699706 S22 The world's back doors Guild S22 157700270 S23 I married a German Guild S23 157699707 S24 Brother to the Ox Guild S24 157700254 S26 It had to happen Guild S26 157700615 S27 Daphne's fishing Guild S27 157699708 S29 Rogue male Guild S29 157699709 S30 A high wind in Jamaica Guild 3S0 157699710 S31 Of mice and men Guild S31 157699711 S32 The flying visit Guild S32 157700911 S35 Some adventures of Sherlock Holmes Guild S35 157699712 S36 The case of the rolling bones Guild S36 157699713 S38 The trail of fear Guild S38 157700792 S41 Wild HorseValley Guild S41 157699714 S42 Warriors at War Guild S42 157699716 S43 The back garden of Allah Guild S43 157699715 S44 Nelson Guild S44 157699717 S45 It was good while it lasted Guild S45 157699718 S66 A time for greatness Guild S66 157116693 S81 Travels wihout a passport Guild S81 157116361 S85 The village doctor Guild S85 157116362 S47 The sailor's return Guild S47 180588297 S48 Up at the villa Guild S48 180588258 S49 All night at Mr. Stanyhurst's Guild S49 180588296 S50 Brown on Resolution Guild S50 180588295