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First printings and reprints on the Collins Editions

Posted by Baronbern on May 23, 2010 at 12:50 PM

Unlike the Guild editions, Collins Services Editions do all show the correct publishing year on the title page verso. Two dates are shown, first the date of publishing in the original hardback edition, then the date of the current Services Edition. This doesn’t however show if there has been an earlier printing in Services Edition.



So ‘Services Edition 1945’ only tells you that this printing is from 1945, not that there may have already been a Services Edition printed in 1944. The only way of working this out is from the series number. So roughly numbers c201 to c246 were printed in 1943, numbers from c247 to c287 were printed in 1944, from c288 to c349 in 1945 and from c350 to c364 in 1946. If they show later dates than these, they’re probably reprints.


As with the Guild Services Editions, later printings from 1946 tend to be more common than 1st printings form earlier years, and particularly if spare copies were sold off through W.H. Smith.


So to sum up, Collins editions show only the latest printing date in Services Editions, whereas most Guild Services Editions show only the earliest printing date in Services Editions. In both cases you need other information to tell whether they’re 1st printings or not. Fortunately for most Services Editions from other publishers, the problem doesn’t arise. So far as I know, there were never any reprints of the other editions, so all of them are 1st printings in Services Edition.


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